Our Services

An investment professional has a greater understanding of the economy and markets with more time to evaluate financial strategies and greater access to comprehensive information.

At Spina Financial Services (SFS), our job is to pare down choices to those that fit your objectives. By identifying appropriate options, including ones that are difficult to discover on your own, SFS can save you considerable time and effort. Whether your financial affairs are relatively simple or complex, working with SFS can help provide direction in the following areas:

Develop a Realistic Investment Plan - A plan should seek to achieve your desired level of return within your predetermined risk tolerance.

Protect Current and Future Assets - Without proper insurance and estate planning, all of your other planning could be depleted by circumstances beyond your control.

Fund Your Retirement - Whether you are in the wealth building stage of your life or if you have already accumulated the financial resources for what could be 15, 20 or 30 years of retirement, you will need a plan that strives to maximize and preserve those assets for as long as possible.

Purchase a Quality Education - College costs continue to rise. Today's plans, more than ever before, help you not only to keep up with the increase, but also assist in making the cost of education possible for generations to come.